A Couple Reasons You Should Stay In Antioch Tennessee

It very well-known city in the state of Tennessee is Nashville. It is a sprawling metropolis. It consists of many different neighborhoods including Germantown, Midtown, and East Nashville. There is one that you may not have heard of which is called Antioch. This is a destination that many people may not have heard of.

That is because most people spend their time in Downtown, Music Row and other locations. The primary focus of Nashville has always been the places like the Grand Old Opry, but you can also have a great time if you are in Antioch. Here are a couple of reasons that you should consider staying there if you have the time.

Why You Should Visit Antioch

Antioch is simply a neighborhood, like many of the others, that is part of Nashville proper. It is part of Davidson County, and there are roughly 90,000 people in the general area. Most of the activities that you are going to do are within Nashville, but they are closer to Antioch, making them more accessible for people that are staying in this particular region of the city.

You will have access to Cane Ridge Park, the Ford Ice Center, and many other fun filled activities. If you are going to be there during the summer, or perhaps the early fall, the Cumberland River will afford you many fun filled activities. Paddle boarding is a possibility, along with boating down the river. It is highly recommended that you take a boat at night to see the city.

What Time Of Year Is The Best Time To Go?

The best time to go is typically late spring and early fall. This will allow you to miss the summer heat and a massive insurgence of tourists. Even if you are not going to be directly in Nashville, there are still going to be a lot of people. It’s also the best time to see flowers beginning to bloom, and the leaves beginning to change, if you travel during this time.

Antioch is a very vibrant neighborhood that you really should consider visiting. It is close enough to all of the activities in Nashville that you won’t miss out. However, you will probably be spending most of your time doing the activities that are close to this neighborhood.

You can go hiking in Radnor Lake State Park, check out Global Food And Fund, or simply play a game of golf at Lake Lanier Islands Hilton. You can find out more about this wonderful place just south of Nashville proper.

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